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Thatch Fire Prevention
Devon Master Thatchers Hallworth and Martin outline some ways to reduce fire risks that are associated with a thatched roof.

Inevitably a thatched roof is always at risk from fire and once a fire has taken hold in thatch it will spread very rapidly.

Common causes are:

• Electrical faults
• Faults in the flue or flue liner
• Rogue sparks from a chimney, bonfires and cigarettes.

In order to reduce the risk of a thatch fire all television aerials should be fitted to a freestanding pole. If this can not be achieved the aerial cable should be run down the wall, from a gable or gable end chimney, avoiding contact with the thatch.
Be sure to disconnect the TV aerial during storms to prevent damage to the system.

• Never have bonfires or set off fireworks near thatched property.
• Ensure all smoking materials are extinguished and cold before disposal.
• Candles should always be placed in a secure holder
• Maintain chimneys and flues at all times.
• Keep electrical goods and wiring in good working order

Following these guidelines can help prevent a thatch fire.
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